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Simplistic Ways to Jumpstart Your Dog Harness Training-OKEYPETS

February 17, 2022
A dog walk is an amazing opportunity for pet parents to bond with their fuzzballs. But some fidos are real "pullers." Instead of walking side by side, they prefer pulling and dragging their parents across the block with all their strength. They drag, twist, and jerk their leash, which isn't only inconvenient for the owners but is also a safety hazard for dogs themselves.
Walking such zesty fellows is a real challenge. Therefore, it is vital to provide a dog with adequate harness training to end the jerking and pulling behavior. Luckily, We have some tips up our sleeves to help your little puller get started with harness training. 
So without further ado, let's get started!

Getting started with Harness Training

1.Get your pooch used to being touched.
Some pups don't appreciate wearing harnesses at all. They resist harness training because they are too sensitive to any kind of physical interaction. So the first thing you need to do is to get your fido used to human touch.
Here is what you can do:
1.Start slow. Gently stroke your pooch with soft hands.
2.Offers some treats if the dog lets you touch him.
3.Repeat this process until the pup is used to physical contact.
If the pooch tries to nip you, it means you are too rough with your petting. Be gentle and give your pet some time to get used to the human touch. Once the dog is comfortable with petting, it's time to move towards the next step.

2.Grab a front clip harnessThe next step in harness training is getting a front clip harness. If you visit your nearest pet mart, you will find a lot of harnesses with back clips. The issue with back clip harnesses is that they let your pooch pull forward. The pup can change his direction according to his own will. Basically, this type of harness lets your four-legged friend lead you on walks, which is quite the opposite of what you want.
The solution lies in front clip dog harnesses. These harnesses clip up where your lovely pet's center of gravity is, making it impossible for the pup to pull forward with a sudden tug.
If you are looking for a top-quality dog harness for your beloved pet, we recommend this soft padded harness by Okypets. We love this harness because it comes with a padded front and back, providing the ultimate comfort to our furballs. The availability of tri-glide buck adjusts length and ensures a secure fit. The harness is entirely breathable and does not tarps any heat, making it a perfect choice for walking, hiking, running, and even training.
3.Train your dog at home.
Regardless of the breed, canines are curious explorers in their nature. They like to sniff and explore their surroundings. Even the tiniest things can make it difficult for them to concentrate on their training. Therefore, if your fido gets distracted during the walks, start harness training him in an environment he is familiar with. Put his harness on and try to walk him in your backyard. Offer some treats if the pooch performs well.
Once you notice the canine is doing great with the harness, it's time to take the fella out.

4.Ensure that your pup is properly fedCanines are notorious for their food motivation. And trust us when we say that food can be their biggest distraction!
If your dog is hungry, he won't be able to focus on his training at all. Instead, the pup will keep on looking for something edible. Thereby it is important to feed your canines properly so they can control themselves while training.
However, make sure you don't feed your pooch right before the training session, as it can make him feel nauseous. Harness training can be pretty exhausting for heavy pullers. So the best thing you can do is feed your fellow at least half an hour before his training session.

5.Make sure the pup has had enough water.If your dog is feeling thirsty, he will spend his entire training session looking for a source of water (either clean or muddy) to quench his thirst. Therefore, you have to make sure the pup is properly hydrated before beginning the training session.
6.Teach your pooch how to stay focused
By this point, we know that pooches have trouble concentrating. They may get distracted and react to food, water, or other animals. However, with a little help from your side, they can learn to stay focused.
Train your dog to follow your commands. Teach the fluff ball a command to step back from distraction. You can either use a voice command or jerk the leash to make your dog behave. Use whatever command you like. Just be persistent in your attempts.
7.Bribe your canine with some delicious treatsTo teach your fido anything new, you can use two methods. The first method involves negative motivation. In this method, whenever your pets display inappropriate behaviors, you raise your voice and make them feel you aren't satisfied.
The second and our favorite method is rewarding good behavior. Basically, you have to bribe your pet whenever he does something good. Give him some of his favorite treats every time he listens to your commands. This method falls under the umbrella of positive training and is really effective.
8.Be patient and practice more.
Dogs obviously don't understand human language. You can't just explain to them how important harness training is and how they can behave on the leash. You need to be gentle in your attempts. Show them what is good behavior and how they can follow it. We understand it might take a lot of time, but it is definitely going to pay off!

Wrapping up
Depending on your dog's age, breed, and personality, harness training can take some time. But it is important for your furry best friend's safety and can save him from any unwanted situation. Just pick a good quality harness, and don't give up on your dog.

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